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If you are a person with disability; looking for life partner, facing difficulties to find right partner. There is good news for you, recently blind stars group on facebook launch Blind Stars Matrimonial services.
Finding a suitable spouse has remained one of the challenging and daunting tasks for persons with disability all over the world. There are diverse views, ideas and suggestions people have regarding marriage, some of them are like: For all types of balancing act, mutual understanding, cooperation’s, physical satisfaction and mental well being- it is preferable that a person with blindness in particular and persons with disability in general should marry with a person with similar disability.
There is a popular oppositional view point is that by sidelining all the particularities like caste, communities, language, creed, colour, disabilities etc -one should tie the knot with the person with whom she/she has fallen in love.
In the wake of these prevailing practices and opinions, this though unofficial and informal group but a very important and significant one, aims for insuring a common platform for persons with disabilities and persons without disability to come together and find there soul mates.
About the procedure team leader Ms. Swati says “The procedure is very handy, one only need to download a Performa which we have uploaded over this page, duly field it and submit the same to the owners. On the basis of the requirements, we will contact the most suitable candidate, and will inform about him/her to the both parties. The rest would completely depend on both the informed parties; we would not be responsible of any mishaps after that by any means.”
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