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It was impossible for the Diabetic patients to get the health insurance benefit from the insurance companies, it was only after the Supreme Court instructions that the Insurance Companies started giving the benefit of insurance cover to the Diabetic patients, but has implied upon several terms and conditions, not easy for everyone to get the benefit till date.

Why to take the Insurance?
Diabetes is the root cause for several diseases like Blindness, Heart Diseases, Kidney Failure resulting in even transplantation of several organs. Its very expensive. Under the Diabetes Insurance financial support is available through the insurance companies for these problems.

How to get the Insurance cover?
Diabetes is of two types; firstly if the insulin is not produced in the body it is known under type I diabetes. Earlier the insurance companies never covered this under their policies. Secondly in the condition where the patients are not required to get the insulin from outside but have to get dependent upon controlled diet along with regular exercise to keep fit. Nearly 95 percent patients suffer from this type II diabetes. Type I diabetes its very dangerous in terms of health and thus, the health insurance companies never covered this under their policies.

Companies providing Health Insurance
Insurance companies are covering the diabetic patients under their policy but with some loading charges which is minimum of 50 % of premium amount or higher. This is that charge which is charged by the companies after detecting some special disease.

Private and government Company policy

Diabetic Care – The policy covers six dangerous diseases viz Heart Attack, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, Kidney Failure, Stroke, Cancer and transplantation of some special human organ. On this cover, the company pays back some nearly calculated lump-sum amount to the patient.

Diabetic Care Plus – Apart from above mentioned six diseases the companies also provides benefit for eyes and ankle diseases. Added to that if the patient dies during the policy period under treatment the company also provides the Death Insurance Cover. This benefit is applicable only in the first year of the policy and for the forthcoming years the patient has to pay an extra charge of Rs 1500/- for getting the benefit.

Diabetic Safe policy – This covers the Diabetic Retinopathy (for eye laser treatment), Diabetic Nefropathy (Kidney Cronic Renal Fail) and Diabetic Foot Ulcer.

National insurance risk mediclaim policy – Under this person between 60 – 80 years are eligible to take the policy and can be renewed this the age of 90 years. National Insurance makes available this policy covering a sum insured of upto Rs 3 lakh, one lakh for health and 2 lakh for serious diseases.

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