My journey to the world of visually impaired souls begin during my college days. It was one of my best teachers Dr. Nikhil Jain, who took us to the Blind school (Blind Relief Association), New Delhi. We were amazed to meet students and see that wonderful little world. Our teacher was showing us all the classrooms, hostel, corridors without the help of white cane. It was great to do readings for the students having tea and samosa together and share our day today gossips with them. However after completing college we separated from this wonderful world due to higher studies. It all revived when I met Mr. Akhil Srivastava during some official works. It was very nice to hear that atleast some people are working like real human being. It was Mr. Akhil who has inspired me to print visiting card with braile script on it. By engraving brail script on visiting cards visually impaired students get some earning, as they have limited sources.
After joining JNU as faculty I got chance to meet many visually impaired students and scholars. I like to talk to them, share experiences with them. It was nice to meet Dr. Shivaji Kumar, who has recently joined JNU as faculty. He studied and stayed in Europe for couple of years. I was surprised by the response when I gave him my visiting card with brail script on it. He said “I have see this kind of visiting card for the first time in India, however this privilege we get only in European countries with some people only.”
This response I got to know that a lot of work is required to be done for the visually impaired people. It also motivated me to work more to make people aware about this little wonderful world of extraordinary God gifted sense and feelings.

Although a lot of appreciable work has been done in the University to make it more disabled free campus, such as curbs ramps were built up all over, dedicated library and free laptops to visually impaired research scholars, etc. However appreciated works have been done but still some more tasks are to be accomplished. It has been observed that many of the visually impaired people face difficulty in their day today life. As it is said; that the charity begins from home, based on my observations.

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