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Since after the 60 years of independence, there are no revolutionary changes policies seen to fight against blindness. Very rare you can see any blind person walking on the road or taking part in any of the social activities. Have you even seen any blind person in school, college, bank, post office or any other public facilities. What is the reason inspite of having large number of blinds in our society , we are not able to see them at public places. It seems that some one had made them apart from the main stream of society.
Till now blinds are considered as unable persons and look upon pity and sympathy. But the reality is that till now government or the society had tried to understand the capability of blinds. On one hand society had shown mercy on them, on other hand government had kept them restricted to only few works. But the real fact is totally different and amazing, now it has been proved that if we provide all the required facilities, they can also prove themselves useful like normal people in society and in many of the situations they can prove better than normal person.
But for us blinds are people to show mercy or ignored person. Like other diseases of other parts of the body, blindness is also one of the disease, and person suffering from this disease requires support and feeling of equality instead of hate, ignorance and mercy. It is the basic principle of Antardrishti to develop awareness in society towards blind people and provide equal platform in the society and opportunity so that they can prove their talents by active participation in process of production and to bring them along with the main stream of society.

  • You can also help blind people by becoming eyes for them.
  • Encourage the blind children for going to school and learn brail, if child is not going to any special school for blinds, get it admitted in any of the nearest normal school
  • Encourage the classmates and society people to provide support to them and ensure their active participation in all activities and do the same.
  • Don’t try to make fun of blinds, rather encourage them by raising the spirit that they are also the important part of the society.
  • Emphasis upon educating the child by touching or speaking skills.
  • If you know computer, try to teach computer to blind children also.

In this way, there are various types of activities, through which we can bring the positive changes in the life of blinds.

If you really want to help them or want detailed information regarding blindness, or precautions to protect from blindness, contact Antardrishti on 09412258575 | | This charitable organization had led a drive to achieve respect and equality for the blinds in society from year 2006 is trying to bring forth all the difficulties among society which are being faced by blinds so that these blind people are who are been kept apart from the society should develop and come along the main stream of society.


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