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No eye donation took place in Bihar, things getting worst due to unawareness

There had been tremendous increase in number of people taking oath for donating their eyes, after death, but the number of eye-donation are handful. Dr Sameer Kumar Basak, National President of Eye Bank Association of India informed that there people are not aware. Last year only 10 eye donations took place in Jharkhand while the number is zero in Bihar. West Bengal is far more better in terms of eye-donation collecting 3040 cornea last year and out of which 1500 were transplanted.
Dr Basak believes that not every one who are taking oath donate their eyes and it is not solid in the market also, then how can the blind could see. We can’t keep the cornea for more than 14 days, that means it has to be transplanted within a fortnight.
At an average only 54 % cornea is transplanted due to some or the other reasons, while the remaining gets spoiled. He further informed normally a cornea is safe upto 72 hours but now it could be kept safely for 14 days. To keep cornea alive for 72 hours it costs Rs 300 while it costs Rs 1000 for keeping it safe for 14 days. During this period if the blind person doesn’t approach eye bank, then the cornea is wasted. It costs nearly 20 – 25 thousand rupees for the cornea transplantation.

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