Drishti 2014 Eye Donation – Short Film Contest

logo-drishtiDrishti 2014 creative contest to promote eYe donation (Short Film)

5 Million people are waiting for eye donation. Vote now, share and support to promote eye donation.
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Category:  Short Film Contest


This Short-Film is a montage offering myriad glimpses into the lives of the visually challenged which are cascaded in succession .The whole presentation is tied together by moving rendition of the sound “Kora –Kagaz” by a visually

5480 Votes

Phiriye Dao (Let me Back)

Category:  Short Film Contest

Director: Indranil Sarkar

Nayanika is a simple, self-dependent blind girl. She has lost her vision and also her father in an accident. From that time her mother has bed-ridden. But Nayanika has not lost her mental strength. She tried her

4964 Votes

A Dark World

Category:  Short Film Contest

Director’s Name – Ninad P. Hadawale

A dark world is story of every individual living in the world same as we do, whose dreams and desires are same like us. he can witness the same world as u would do,

2470 Votes

My Super Hero

Category:  Short Film Contest

Director: Sumitha Celin

Chaithanya is a boy of class five, Right from the age of two, he is very much fond of super heroes.
He admired them a lot. He also wanted to become a superhero in his life. This

468 Votes


Category:  Short Film Contest

Director: Tejesh Mathur
इस फिल्‍म की कहानी लकड़हारे और पेड़ की हैं कि किस तरह पेड़ अपने अंतिम समय में लोगों को अपनी लकडि़या देकर उनके काम आते हैं, उसी प्रकार हमें भी जीवन के अंतिम समय में दूसरों के

445 Votes

Sound of Night

Category:  Short Film Contest

Director: Maaz Kazmi
Take a moment and think,
‘How would you describe night to a blind person?’
This ad film dwells in the responses of the above question and makes you realize the importance of donation of eyes for

257 Votes


Category:  Short Film Contest

Director: Maaz Kazmi
Synopsis: Energy levels quickly rise when Anokhee who is blind, suddenly decides that she wants to take a selfie and affirm to herself that she is every bit as normal and capable as teenagers her age. .

114 Votes


Category:  Short Film Contest

Synopsis (max 150 words) This is the short film which inspires people to help others who are in need. We generally show pity on physically challenged people by thinking that they lack something in fact they poses

113 Votes

O Devare

Category:  Short Film Contest

Director: MITHUN B.S
Short movie of promoting ‘EYE DONATION

83 Votes

Vizhithezhuvom Vizhikodukka

Category:  Short Film Contest

Director: Kamal Ras
The film shows an artist at work, drawing a portrait. But for reasons untold, he finishes the portrait without its eyes. A boy then finds the portrait but doesn’t like it without the eyes. He decides to

69 Votes

i Will Change

Category:  Short Film Contest

Director: MITHUN B.S
Short movie of promoting ‘EYE DONATION

62 Votes

Donate Eyes. Donate Colors for life

Category:  Short Film Contest

Director: P.N. NIVEDITHA

A man is reading the newspaper, finds an article about eye donation in it. He gets a phone call, he folds the newspaper places it on the table and leaves. Two boys are sitting on the table

54 Votes


Category:  Short Film Contest

Director: Harsh G Desai

47 Votes


Category:  Short Film Contest

Director: Akshay Kumar Upadhyay

“Preeti” – This story is on a blind girl who is not able to get the donated eys from the hospital because of the shortage the donares donating eyes. So she daily visits near by

46 Votes

Netra Daan

Category:  Short Film Contest

Director: Rajat Kaushik

Introduction of the city and nature. The attractive things goes blur, questioning the audience,how to see it without eyes. Its a story about two friends Ramesh and Subhash. Ramesh is blind and cannot see. His friend

44 Votes

Andheri Rahen

Category:  Short Film Contest

Director: Rahul Kor
ऐसे लोगो का सहयोग जरूर करे जो असहाय होकर भी दूसरों का सहयोग करते है

44 Votes


Category:  Short Film Contest

Director: Mayur S Shinde
Many children in India are born blind. Losing their eyesight at such young age, they face many questions to which the answer is their blindness. As responsible citizens it is our duty to think about

43 Votes

A day seen through the eyes of a Visually Impaired

Category:  Short Film Contest

Director: Manish Jayashekar

Synopsis: The film takes its audience through a simple day of a lonely visually impaired person, and the challenges he faces in his day to day activities and also the issues he comes up against.
Along with

42 Votes
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