Drishti 2016: Online voting for Poster Contest

5 Million people are waiting for eye donation
Keep your love in the soul…
Donate Eyes

All about Eye Donation (Short Film, Posters, Audio Jingles)

Every 5 seconds someone goes blind
50 percent of children who become blind die within two years
90 percent of children who are blind don’t go to school

Our efforts can make the blind people’s world colourful
Eye Donation – F.A.Q.
Keep your love in the soul, Donate Eyes
if we want to give eye sight to one lakh people we will require nearly 2 lakh cornea
नेत्रदान के इंतजार में हैं पचास लाख लोग
यदि एक लाख नेत्रहीनों में ट्रांसप्‍लांट करने है तो कम से कम दो लाख कॉर्निया का दान करवाना होगा
 List of selected Eye Bank in India

Drishti 2016 – Poster Contest to promote Eye Donation

Cast your vote and help us to chose the best entry for Drishti 2016 – Creative Contest; promote / Support Eye Donation campaign.

Voting Dates:  15 October, 2016 – 28 October 2016

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