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Udaan entertainment group was formed back in December 2005 by a visually impaired duo of Keval L Haria (A philosophy graduate) and Deepak G Bedsa (A Hindi literature graduate). The formation of the group is based on a very unique but equally essential philosophy of bringing integration between people with and without vision as well as generating direct and indirect self-employment opportunities for visually impaired people.
Although the group was formed officially as it has been mentioned above; in December 2005, it has a very deep rooted process and awaited success. The process of formation had begun somewhere in the year 1999-2000. But, eventually the dream came true and it proved the fact that, “Alls well that ends well”.
Basically, this entertainment group is a fabulous band. The crew of Udaan is comprised of 60people with and without sight. It consists of all the important elements required for a proper band like: musicians, vocalists, mimics, dancers, other staff like back stage managers, anchor etc. As far as the formation of all these artists is concerned, it had never really been a big problem for the duo of Keval and Deepak because they were aware of the existing talent as most of the visually impaired artists of the group are childhood friends of them as all of them have studied in the same school named as: “Happy home and school for the blind”. They had been learning their respective instruments right from the childhood and by now had become absolutely high class and professional performers individually. But, the real challenge for the duo was to search for those artists who can see to fit in the philosophy of integration and had to be of the equal calibor as their visually impaired counterparts. They did it so beautifully without compromising on the quality at all and hence ever since then they came to be called as a dynamic duo amongst their well wishers and the fans.
So far, the band has performed in more than 350 concerts across the country and abroad and have received an amazingly overwhelming response and a good fan following from their audiences. They have also featured on radio Mirchi (Mumbai) twice. Highly popular performers like Aftab Shivdsani, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Sukhwinder Singh, Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal, Sunidhi Chavan, Jaswinder Narula, Rahul Vaidya, Akruti Kakkad, Nihira Joshi, Abhijit Sawant, Vaishali Samant etc have performed with the band. We have also featured in the grand finale of (Ekse badhkar ek sitaron ke jalve) in the recently concluded series. Even highly reputed actor Mr. Vikram Gokhale and an admired politician Mr. R. R. Patil have witnessed the performances of the troop. Mr. Gokhale was so touched, moved and inspired that he actually committed that he would definitely recommend it to others and he kept his word by recommending the company called “Bhagwati designs” to invite Udaan group to perform on the occasion of their silver jubilee. Even Mr. R. R. Patil had announced Rs. 101,000 as an encouragement package.
Now the troop aims to go on a world tour and popularise its philosophy through the high class entertainment. They further wish to come up with their own vocal album after their very first instrumental album which they have already come out with. It is released by t-series on the recommendation of the actor Salman Khan.

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