Myths – Superstitions related with Eye Donation


Myths – Superstitions related with Eye Donation

There are a number of Myths – Superstitions related with Eye Donation in India that prevents a lot of people from donating their eyes. Given below are some of the most prevalent myths about eye donation:

Myth1 : If I donate eyes, it will leave holes in the place where eyes existed and will cause face disfigurement.
Fact: In reality, only the cornea of the eye is removed and thus there is no disfigurement of the face or hole is left behind.

Myth2 : If I donate my eyes, I will be born blind in the next life.
Fact: This is a total misconception, no religious book ever supported that and there is no written evidence about this. Eye donation is a very noble cause and as they say good always begets good.

Myth3 : My religion does not support eye donation .
Fact: All religions endorse eye donation as noble deed and one of the best donation one can ever make.

Myth4 : How my relatives and parents would react if I pledge my eyes for donation?
Fact: You must realize that a little hindrance should not refrain you from doing this good deed. In fact, instead of giving up you should try to convince and rather motivate your family for pledging their eyes as well.

Myth5 : A person with a previous history of cataract or glaucoma cannot pledge his or her eyes for donation. Or a person is very old and thus not a suitable candidate for eye donation.
Fact: If a person has been operated and treated for cataract or glaucoma, he or she can be considered for eye donation. Furthermore, there is no age limit for eye donation. Practically, anyone above one year of age can donate their eyes without any upper age limit.

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