What drops should I put in the eyes? Should they be put in both eyes or only in the eye which is sore? Can I use the same drops as a preventive for all 17 people staying in my house including the servants, cook and watchman?

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Ask your family physician or nearest eye doctor about the drops. Usually epidemics of sore eyes are due to viruses and are self limiting. You may use mild antibiotics to prevent or treat secondary bacterial infection. Avoid taking the opinion of the “all-knowing” chemist… in most cases he will prescribe drops containing steroids… which need to be used with caution and only under medical supervision. They can convert a simple “sore eye” into a fungal ulcer, resulting in blindness if the steroid use is prolonged! Only the infected eye should receive the simple antibiotic drops. There is no role of preventive drops as anti-bacterial drops will not prevent viral conjunctivitis. Sometimes abuse of these drops may do more harm than good.

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