Child mauled by pit bulls remembers attack

Child mauled by pit bulls remembers attack

“The dogs bit me here … and here … and here,” 4-year-old Victoria Wilcher tells family.

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Four-year-old Victoria Wilcher of Simpson County had never mentioned the day in April 2014 when three pit bulls attacked her, leaving her with one eye, multiple facial fractures, cuts covering her face and neck, little jaw strength and two teeth.

During the Christmas holidays, Victoria told family members: “The dogs bit me here … and here … and here.” She pointed to her mouth, neck and foot as she spoke.

“The grandmother (Kelly Mullins) was hoping she handled the situation correctly,” says Janet Kellum, a retired pediatric nurse who volunteers to help care for Victoria when needed. “I told her I thought she did exactly what she should have — making sure Victoria felt safe.”

Anita Phifer Craft, a retired psychologist who spent 25 years with Jackson Public Schools, calls Victoria’s recollection “a great thing.”

“She appears to be ready to have me or another mental health professional help her sort out the events of the attack,” says Craft, who has met with Victoria and her family. “The therapist would work with her to accept what has happened to ensure her the event is in the past and she is now safe.”

Victoria was mauled by three pit bulls owned by her grandfather, Donald Mullins. Two of them tore through the door of his Simpson County home and dragged the little girl into the yard. A third pit bull joined in.

“Many times children who suffer a traumatic experience suppress the event, but remember it many years later,” she says. “In the meantime, they may have unusual fears associated with it, but do not know or realize the fears stem from the previous trauma.”

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