City police say man shot in the eye, walks into local hospital – Baltimore Sun

Police said at about 1:30 a.m. officers were called to a local hospital — which police did not identify — and were told that a man had suffered a gunshot wound to his eye and walked into the hospital himself. Police did not indicate where the shooting had occurred, or the condition of the man.

Police said a motive for the shooting was not immediately known, but detectives in the Western District are asking that anyone with information call 410-396-2477.

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The Baltimore Health Department is investigating a possible measles case in a 12-month-old child — which could be the first documented case in the city in the last decade.

Nasir Smith, the Baltimore child who died in a Jan. 13 house fire — just five days shy of his second birthday — was laid to rest Saturday after a funeral Mass at St. Peter Claver Church in Baltimore.

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