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MWG Chairman Mr. Ghalib, Mr. Bharadia, Mohammed Bharadia, Mr. Mohammed, Mr. Jin, Ophthalmologist Dr.  Nitin Ghia, Mr. AbdulShakur, Ali Islam and Yusuf Jin. Sitting: Mujahidin Jin and CMD Sanjeev Agarwal along with the operated patients.

On 21st November 2014, Mambrui Welfare Group along with Nasserpuria Memon Jamat and in conjunction with Mombasa Eye Hospital and Laser Centre had a very successful Mega medical and eye camp.

Total number of patients screened were 649 for General medical, dental and eye treatment whereby 249 patients were diagnosed for eye ailments.

On 22nd November, all the patients were brought to Tawfiq Hospital in Malindi and successfully operated. On the same day patients were sent home after the bandage was removed and post-operative medicines and sunglasseswere dispensed.

3 children were identified for cataract out of which 2 had cataract in both eyes and the other one had a cataract in 1 eye, were referred to the hospital for the surgery on 28th November 2014 who came all the way from Mandera and Hola for eye treatment.

This activity was kindly sponsored by Mambrui Welfare Group in conjunction with Nasserpuria Memon Jamat.

The people of Mambrui village really appreciated the kind gesture shown by the sponsors towards the success of this whole medical and eye camp.

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