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As the Thanksgiving holiday season approaches, how many of us routinely stop to be thankful for our health? … more specifically, our eye health? Without good eye health, life could change in an instant.

Some eye conditions can result in loss of eyesight or blindness. Medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension can cause problems that can result in loss of eyesight. Retinal detachments, macular degeneration, and glaucoma are some other common eye conditions that can lead to blindness. Cataracts, although a common eye condition, causes very blurred vision but most often do not cause blindness.

Some time, people take their eye health for granted. They think that as long as they can see things in their everyday surroundings, and if their eyes do not “hurt,” then everything is fine. This is far from the truth. Many cases of blindness can be prevented if proper care and treatment is initiated in time. Prolonging having an eye examination is not ideal. Just like we go to the primary care physician at least once a year for a physical check-up, you should also see an eye care provider for an annual eye examination. Even if you have 20/20 eyesight, the most important part of your annual eye check-up is to make sure you have healthy eyes. You want to make sure you have what it takes to keep you seeing well into the future.

If you have not had an eye exam this year because you “think” everything is ok and you do not need to change your glasses, it is not too late. You have about 4 more weeks left in this year. Make it a point to have your eyes checked before the end of the year. Then, every year, put it on your calendar as a reminder to have your eyes checked.

This Thanksgiving, look around you and be thankful for all the wonderful things you can see. Then imagine for one moment what it would be like if you could not see any of those wonderful things. Promise yourself that you won’t overlook the importance of having good eye health.

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