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If you have problems with your eyesight then find a spare day in your schedule so that you can come to Riga! The ophthalmologists that you can find here carry out large-scale ocular health and vision diagnostics, offer vision various improvement options, and also provide inpatient and outpatient care.

The Latvian American Eye Centre (LAAC) is the first private eye clinic in the Baltic States. It was created according to the unique US ‘eye clinic’ model and is based on patient care using modern forms of technology and a high level of expertise.

The LAAC offers complete vision and ocular health diagnostics, the treatment of eye diseases in adults and children, various types of outpatient eye surgeries (including the removal of internal and external neoplasms from eyelids and other parts of the eye), cataract surgeries by means of implanting a monofocal or multifocal intraocular lens, glaucoma surgeries, retinal dissection surgeries, strabismus surgeries, plastic surgeries for eyelids for medical or aesthetic purposes, Hi-Definition Vision correction surgeries by means of implanting an intraocular collamer lens (ICL and TICL), corneal transplantation surgeries, intravitreal injections in the case of macular or retinal pathology, laser therapy in the case of glaucoma, retinal pathology and diabetic retinopathy, and orders for individual (custom-made) contact lenses and glasses.

Diagnostics and treatment are carried out under the supervision of highly qualified personnel using the highest quality ophthalmologic equipment, which is regularly inspected and is certified according to EU and US quality standards.


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