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Children should be taught correct visual habits:

  1. They should watch TV or read always being in the sitting up position, not lying down either on tummy or on back.
  2. They should always view TV or the computer screen directly and not be placed at an angle
  3. They should take breaks every 30-45 minutes for at least 30 seconds to a minute, whenever they use their eyes with concentration such as while reading, watching TV or the computer. By taking a break is meant looking far out into the distance or simply gently shutting their eyes.
  4. They should read in a room with adequate light. Generally speaking bulbs are better for the eyes than tube lights. This does not mean that every parent should change the light fixtures in the room. Many children forget to switch on the room lights at dusk, so engrossed are they in their reading. Reading in poor light causes a strain on the eyes. This should be avoided.
  5. Whenever the child has extra studying to be done, such as during examinations, it is better to wake up early and read when the eyes are fresh rather than read late into the night, when the eyes are already tired having been strained throughout the day. The old grandmother adage of “early to bed, early to rise” is excellent advice for kids appearing for exams.
  6. Children should avoid reading or playing video games in moving vehicles, such as cars, trains etc. It is difficult to concentrate on the matter being read or looked at with so many bumps on the road- this causes more strain on the eyes. Reading in an airplane is OK, of course!

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