What about Vitamin A? How much vitamin A should I give my child every day? Should he/she be forced to gulp down a glass of carrot juice every day? How much milk should my child have every day? No ratings yet.

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Our normal Indian vegetarian diet with pulses, vegetables (green and otherwise), chapattis and rice contains adequate amount of vitamin A for the growing child. All non-vegetarian diets also contain adequate amounts of vitamin A. If the child is a fussy eater, does not eat home food in adequate quantities, survives on junk foods from fast food restaurants, he/she is probably not getting adequate amounts of vitamin A. In such cases, 2 glasses of milk per day is recommended. Too much of vitamin A, such as by giving daily doses of carrot juice can actually harm the child – males can have a higher incidence of sterility or inability to bear children in adulthood!

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