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MHP was recently recognized by the Iowa Donor Network for having a tissue donation conversion rate of 60% or higher in 2012 and 2013. Shown with the award, from left: MHP Chief Nursing Officer and Nursing Support Director Joy Patch.

MAHASKA COUNTY –Mahaska Health Partnership was recognized by the Iowa Donor Network for achieving a greater than 60% conversion rate for tissue donation over the last two years.

“In 1998, a law was created that requires all healthcare facilities to report deaths in the inpatient or emergency department to the Iowa Donor Network (IDN),” MHP Chief Nursing Officer Darlene Keuning explained. “Anyone who passes in our facility, other than in the hospice setting, gets reported by our House Supervisors to the IDN. After a discussion of the person’s medical history, it is then determined whether they are good candidates for donation.”

According to MHP Nursing Support Director Joy Patch, MHP does not directly participate in organ donation due to the strict circumstances that surround eligibility. “Organs must continue to receive blood and nourishment up to the moment of donation in order to be viable,” Patch explained.

“Anyone who fits this criteria has suffered an unfortunate, non-recoverable brain or spinal injury and are kept on life support until the donation process can begin. As a Level III Trauma Center, MHP is able to assist patients that gravely injured by stabilizing them for transport to a larger, metropolitan hospital.”

Patch went on to explain MHP’s role in tissue donation. “While we do not participate in organ donation, MHP is able to participate in tissue donation, something that is equally important and valuable. Up to 100 people can benefit from a single person’s decision to donate. While it is never an easy situation for families, the majority find comfort in knowing their loved one was able to help so many others.

“Once a deceased person is deemed eligible for donation, a House Supervisor talks with the family about end of life decisions and sets the stage for a discussion regarding donation. The IDN then calls the family for additional information and finalizes any arrangements. Of those families called, we have had over 60% decide to donate their loved one’s tissue to the IDN.”

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