McCook Gazette: Local News: Burrows Vision Clinics sell (02/02/15)


Dr. Greg Burrows, left, and Dr. Tim Burrows, right, have announced the sale of Burrows Vision Clinic to Dr. Thomas Moser, center, and his wife, Delight.
McCOOK, Nebraska — After deciding that a large city was not where they wanted to raise their children, Dr. Thomas Moser and his wife, Delight, began looking into vision clinic opportunities in small towns in the western half of the United States.

The search took the better part of a year, with the Mosers checking on vision clinics available for sale in a number of widespread locations, including optometry offices in New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska and Washington state

Finally, in the last part of 2014, the Mosers found the opportunity they were looking for in the communities of McCook and Benkelman, Nebraska. Negotiations began soon thereafter and effective January 1, 2015, the Mosers became the owners of the vision centers previously known as Burrows Vision Clinic.

“Everything worked out like we had hoped,” said Dr. Moser. “McCook and Benkelman are good towns with strong family values and Drs. Greg and Tim Burrows have built the kind of optometric practices that we admire. They treat each patient individually, with kindness and respect.”

Making the transition even more attractive for Dr. Moser is the fact that both Dr. Greg and Dr. Tim have agreed to continue to see patients in conjunction with Dr. Moser at the McCook and Benkelman clinics. The employees at the vision clinics — including five staff members in McCook and two in Benkelman — will also remain.


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