Optical Express rolls out enhanced eye health reports | Optician


Optical Express has rolled out a personalised eye care report for patients comprising data from eye examinations and networked diagnostic equipment within its practices.

The diagnostic element of the new iScan service has brought together the results of Pentacam topography, tonometry, fundus photography, auto keratometry, pupillometry and visual fields analysis. These are combined with a detailed explanation of the patient’s prescription.

The findings, which include fundus photos and diagrams of the tests with full explanations of the results are delivered to the patient via email in a PDF document within approximately 30 minutes. The service will be provided free of charge initially and will be available with all eye examinations and refractive surgery consultations at all of the multiple’s practices by the end of the year.

Optical Express chairman and chief executive officer David Moulsdale told Optician that the inspiration for the iScan report had come from the Mayo Clinic in the US, which provides general health profiling and long term programmes to individuals based on diagnostic testing of their bodies and lifestyle.

‘We think iScan is quite a step forward for the industry and that this is the way that optometry, ophthalmology and general health care will be delivered in the future,’ said Moulsdale.

Optical Express said it hoped that the new service would empower patients by giving them information about their eye health and advice, if needed, on how conditions could be managed in the long-term. It was hoped that the report could also be used in screening for glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Patients suitable for refractive surgery would also be provided with information on the procedures and benefits and risks involved, along with a biography of their surgeon.

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