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The parking dilemma in downtown Westby has jumped to the east side of Main Street after interim Police Chief David Jefson placed the issue on the city council agenda for Oct. 22.

Jefson said he had tried numerous times to find a peaceful resolution to an ongoing debate between owners of the Uff-Da Shoppe, Mitch and Teresa Williams; and Adams Eye Clinic owner Dr. Gerald Adams in regards to employees from the eye clinic occupying parking spaces along the first block of East State Street.

Adams said his employees have a legal right to park in spaces not posted with designated time frames. Williams argues business employees should not be taking up prime customer parking space regardless of whose business they work for.

Several years ago the city council designated one handicap and four two-hour only parking spaces along the west end of the 100 block of East State Street. Williams is hoping the city will reevaluate the area and possibly extend the two hour time limit to cover the entire block. He said the old system worked fine until the eye clinic employees began occupying four of the remaining six spaces for the entire duration of the business day.

Williams tried to ratify the situation by placing a customer parking only sign on the side of his building, which Jefson said was not legal since the area is for public parking and not privately owned by his business. The sign has since been removed.

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