14 Jul

Sun Sunehri si Subah ho…

Drishti 2013, Golden Eye Winner Audio Jingles by Snigdha Das

Sun Sunehri si Subah ho

Andhere ko roshan karo


Badle zamana, badle hum bhi zara,

Dekar drishti kisi ko,

Netradaan Netradaan, hain ye mahadaan,

Aapke sahyog se hi baate yahi gyaan …

Making of Eye donation Jingle

Thank you so much Mr. Akhil Shrivastav and Antardrishti team for your  appreciation and honoring me with the Golden Eye Award for Audio Jingle Contest 2013’. I feel blessed that your initiative has given me and other artist a chance to contribute a small part for a nobel cause.

When I got to know about the Jingle Contest, I wasn’t sure about participating, as it was going to be my first attempt as a ‘songwriter and composer for any competition. But I was excited as well because it’s related to a nobel cause. My Mother belongs to the same field, she was an ophthalmic assistant officer and I have seen her working for the awareness amongst villagers and arranging eye camps. She has been my inspiration.

And the real hero of the Jingle is Shaan (my lil’ cousin), who sung the opening lines ‘Sun Sunehri’. I wrote and composed it in a half day and left with 4 days, in which I took practice sessions for Shaan and done with the recording too. When I was composing it, I kept in mind that the Eye Donation jingle has to be catchy as well as delivers the message. Winning was a way thought, my attempt was just experimenting and to make it a really nice one. But Winning an award, has given a lot of boost and confidence to do better work and learn.

My idea was people to take eye donation in a positive way, give up old thoughts for someone who really need us and be the reason of colour in their life. Eye Donation is a nobel cause and everyone should register themself for donating eye.