Variety of tools available to rejuvenate aging eye area | Ophthalmology

Some wrinkles and lines are caused by gravitational pull and loss of volume, that is, descent and deflation, she said. Treatment options are to use fillers and techniques to lift and inflate these areas, for example with brow and face lifts.

“We can take off the top layer in a variety of fashions that doesn’t expose the patient to any carcinogens but also rejuvenates the skin,” she said.

As one ages, there is thinning, degeneration, disorganization and destruction of skin, regardless of the dermatological component. With chemical exfoliation, penetration of the agent causes temporary cell necrosis and inflammation, to which the body responds by repairing itself, thus rejuvenating the skin’s appearance, she said.

Furthermore, for those just starting to offer chemical peels, “I would recommend that you stay with the superficial and maybe medium depth peels,” Fountain said. “I personally like to use 20% to 30% [trichloroacetic acid], which is readily available.”

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