04 Apr

Care & safety of eyes of the children

iCare-Info-April-2014-Eye-Care-3Eyes are very important for us but unknowingly we don’t care, we realize its importance when any defect comes in our eyes. Do you know the fact that about 80 percent people could be saved from being blind, if would have been provided the treatment in time. In every minute one child gets blind. Generally blindness is seen among children below the age of five and this period is very significant for the child because about 75 percent learning works is done through eyes. Figures says, that about 50 percent blind children die by the age of two years. About 90 percent blind children does not go to school.

Generally it is observed that we do not take proper care of our eyes, sometimes due to lack of information or carelessness and both prove dangerous for our eyes. If we talk about the care of child’s eye, parents are totally responsible for it and this responsibility begins right from the birth of child. Coming of fluid for sticking in eyes of newly born child is not a normal sign and if child is facing this, parents should immediately contact doctor.
If child’s eyes are red, fluid or tears are coming out of eyes, it can be infectious disease of eye called conjunctivitis and it spreads by touch, so it becomes to keep the handkerchief, towel, pillows and other belongings of the infected child to separate. Use medicines of cream as per the doctor’s instructions.


Generally it is said that cataract is disease of old people but it occurs among children also, if whiteness is observed upon eye ball, immediately contact doctor.


glaucoma a dangerous disease considered to steal vision is also seen children. Aqueous humour, a fluid substance in eyes which is formed and drains out continuously, . Sometimes the nerves get blocked and drainage of this liquid is stopped, but the formation of this fluid continues and its increases its pressure upon optic nerve and sometimes it results in complete blindness.
Myopia (Short-sightedness), squint and Amblyopia means not able to see from one eye properly, such diseases are commonly seen among children. If there is any problem in eyes, it can have adverse effects on the child’s brain and its development.


It is seen child is not able to see properly in evening or night hours or in dull light, this is called night-blindness which occurs due to lack of Vitamin A. Lack of vitamin A not only results in night blindness but damages cornea also. The deficiency of Vitamin A can be gained by proper intake of green vegetables, milk, eggs, fish and oil. Apart from this, dosage of vitamin A should be given to children which is available free of cost in health centres.
While playing sometimes the eyes get injured. Eyes injured through pointed objects like bow & arrow, needle, pencil, scissors, knife or screw driver can prove dangerous for eyes and results in blindness. So it becomes very necessary to save the child’s eye from injuries and keep the pointed objects away from child’s approach. If it is necessary that child has to work out from these objects in that situation ensure the things should be done under your guidance and presence.
Dust, sand or lime also affect the eyes, if any of these goes inside the eyes and child is not taken to doctor in time, it can cause damage to eye. Poisonous substance, lime, detergent powder, acid and chemical substances should be kept out of child’s range. Even though any of above substance goes inside the eye, immediately rinse the eyes with fresh water, don’t rub the eyes and contact eye specialist immediately.
If you observe that child reads book from short distance or watches tv, or faces problems in reading the matter from blackboard in classroom, it is clear that eyesight of child is poor. In such situation go for the complete eye checkup of child, and if doctor advices for spectacles, encourage the child for using it.