Blind Child – Part II

Things to be considered

Always remember the way how child learns

When you are teaching any new skill to the child, he learns that skill in various steps, that time it becomes very necessary to remember that steps, so that it will become easy for you to teach further.

First the child try to do the work with other’s help

After that he remembers to do the work by own and finally uses that learnt new skill in any other new situation.
In beginning you have to help a lot to child get activity done, but as the child begins to do the work by own and feel comfort, slowly slowly leave helping him so that after sometime he can become self dependent in doing that work.

Encourage the child by doing his things own

It is very general fact that you help the child in doing his work, but always ensure that don’t help him so much that he would not able to learn the things to do by own. This thing can be explained clearly by this example, if the toy fells on the ground from child’s hand, instead of picking the toy from ground and giving to child, you should teach him how to search and pick the toy from ground. If you will do such way, child will get more chances to learn and he will be learning more new things in whole procedure.


It is very important to think about the safety of blind child. For normal children it become easy to know about the hindrances facing while walking or doing other works and can protect themselves. But it is not with blind child and one can’t keep complete attention over them, in such situation it becomes important to keep in mind their safety and to inform them from time to time about what precautions they should take and what things can bring them harm.

Better use of left-over eye sight of children.

There are lots of children who face difficulty in seeing things whereas these children are not totally blind but are unable to see each and every thing clearly, can be termed as partial blind. Like the children understands the difference between light and darkness but unable to narrate what they are seeing. They can see some things clearly while the other things are not visible to them. Seeing the object or not depends upon that particular object like its colour, the mass, weight, size and self-light of the object.
Before starting teaching these pupils we should first understand what the child is seeing and then we can easily teach them how to see things. If the child is able to see things even partially then it would be beneficial for us and would help us to teach the child using his own powers of seeing things.

Blind Child – Part I

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