Save the eyes from injuries

Save the eyes from injuries

We can save our eyes from almost 80 to 90 percent eyes injuries.

While playing and at home:

  • Be careful while using pointed objects used in routine life like pointed or sharp toys, knife, needle and scissors, and children should handle them under proper guidance.
  • While using spray and or spraying any chemicals, be sure that the opening side should be opposite side of your eyes.
  • Before using the detergent or other harmful chemical substances, carefully read the instructions given over it and wash your hands after the use.
  • Objects like bow-arrow or pistol should be carefully handled.

We can face problems like dryness in eyes, irritation, pain, headache, back pain or muscular pain because of excessive use of computer. The ways to protects us from its harm:-

    • Keep proper arrangement of light in computer room.
    • The person using computer should keep the monitor (computer screen) at proper distance.
    • Monitor should be placed lower from eye level.
    • Required material should be kept near monitor while working on computer
    • To save eyes from variations of brightness and images, always work in computer in proper light arrangement.
    • While working, blink eyes many times so that eyes remain moist and can avoid dryness.

At the time of festivals involving fireworks/crackers:

  • Always burst crackers under the guidance of elder ones, don’t remain standing near the burning crackers.
  • Never light up the crackers inside the house
  • Keep sand or bucket full of water nearby while lighting up crackers for safety
  • Avoid the use of chemical colors for celebrating holi or other occasions, prefer to use natural colors.
  • Don’t apply the colors forcefully on others and always be careful that colors should not be applied near eyes.
  • In case, if eyes are affected with any harmful chemical substance, wash the eyes properly with fresh water, and the problem continues even washing eyes, consult eye specialist.

When something falls into eyes:

  • Never rub the eyes.
  • Wash the eyes properly with water
  • Take the help of others to pull out the fallen object in eyes through clean wet cloth
  • If the foreign body is not coming out easily, immediately contact eye specialist.

Immediately contact or consult eye specialist on detecting any type of diseases or symptoms  in eyes. Never try to put any type of eye drop in your eyes like self medication.

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