All India Ophthalmologic Conference 2014


Four days long seminar for eye specialists was organized in Agra through All India Ophthalmologic Society. AIOC 2014 (All India Ophthalmologic Conference) was from Fab o6-09 and was inaugurated by Mr. Aridaman Singh Cabinet Minister U.P.
More than five thousand doctors remained present in this conference held in Hotel J P, researches in presented in four halls, around 35 eye specialists from foreign countries also attended this seminar. Modern medical therapy was discussed.
During this seminar, the President Dr. Quresh B Maskati, Dr. Anita Panda, Dr. Kanithkanyon , Dr. Devasish Bhattacharya, Dr. R. N Mishra, Dr. S. K Satsangi gave their gracious presence during seminar.
President Dr Maskati provided the guidelines for the further programmes of the organization. During the inaugural session, Dr. D Rammurthy, Chairman of Scientific Committee informed that numbers of cataract operation being done is the India is in large number as compared o America, Western Europe and China.
He further said that eye treatment system of India is well developed as compared to o America, Western Europe and China. It is fact that there are large number of cataract cases in India but better treatment policy had been developed in our country.
Dr. Cesare Forlini from Italy informed about the modern technique of transplanting iris of eye. He said earlier it was impossible to transplant the iris got injured in accident but now with the help of artificial iris means grade silicon iris injured iris can be easily changed. Dr Anita Panda presented the research papers regarding identification of cornea diseases and its cure. Dr Dilip Patwardhan threw light upon the problem of black water and challenge for the lack of its treatment. Dr. Vinod Kalarskar discussed about the technique of cataract operation.
During the seminar discussions were held on Retina Camera Implant. Dr. Amit Khosla eye specialist from Sir Gangaram Hospital informed that magical results of Retina Chip had been observed, it is being implanted on back side of retina, the chip converts light into electric impulse and activates optical nerve and person began to see.
Exhibition of various modern operation equipments and machines presented by various companies remained center of attraction in seminar.
The Organizing Secretary Dr. S. K Satsangi said that research papers submitted during the seminar will prove beneficial in eye treatment field in coming time. He further said that eye specialists came from far distant places are learning a lot through these research papers. Dr. Pooja kharbanda from New Delhi informed that youth doctors like her had gained lots of experiences and gathered information from this seminar.
On the occasion of closing ceremony of seminar National President Dr. Quresh, this seminar became historical event in Agra. Here all the eye specialists present during the seminar not only shared the views and opinions with each others but also saw the beauty of historical monument Tajmahal in Agra. State President of organization Dr R.R Skool that AIOS Seminar 2015 will be held in Delhi from Feb 05 to 08.
AIOS is making efforts to provide information regarding online teaching for eye specialists to provide detailed information regarding the changes and development in the field of medical treatment. For which AIOS is planning o begin the online training for eye specialists throughout the country.

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