Diabetes: devastating to eye health | Stony Plain Reporter


“Occasionally you’ll see someone who, for whatever reason, can’t keep their sugars under control, that’s when you get into trouble, that’s when they start getting into the health care system,” said Dwernichuk.

Debra Jakubec, regional director for Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA), hopes all Canadians will take note of the CDA’s campaign for Diabetes Awareness Month: Don’t Be Risky.

Middle-aged men are most at-risk for Type 2 diabetes due to the fact that, on average, they need to gain less fat before developing harmful deposits in the abdomen, said Jakubec, pointing out a study done by the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

“Catching things in the early stages has a much better prognosis than something that has gone on too long. People are often scared to come in for an eye exam because they’re scared they will get bad news. It’s much better to nip things in the bud early.”

But, if you maintain a healthy diet and exercise daily, you can reduce your risk of developing diabetes. For example, Jakubec, says that by losing 10 per cent of your body weight, your risk goes down by 10 per cent.


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