Our eyes and Vitamin A – Precautions & Care


Our eyes and Vitamin A : Vitamin A plays an significant role in our body to keep our eyes healthy and balance eyesight in our body. Due to deficiency of Vitamin A, cornea or black spot in mid of the eye dry up and affects eyesight. Later on, cornea becomes soft and sores comes up on the surface of cornea which results in blindness. The white portion of the eyes looses brightness and seems dull, dry, rough and wrinkles. Rough patches occur in white part of the eye which is called byetytes, in which the upper layer of the white part of the eye gets dry, becomes thick and wrinkled. The person is unable to see properly in dim light and in night time, it is also known as night darkness or xerophthalmia. Deficiency of Vitamin A affects both the eyes equally.

Vitamin A is a fat soluable vitamin , which generally found in two forms. One form of Vitamin A is Retinid which is commonly found in milk, curd and carbohydrates, and second one is Kerotynid found in gren leafy vegetable, and fruits in large quantity. Vitamin A plays significant role to keep our eyes healthy and helps our eyes to see in the dim light or night time.

Our eyes and Vitamin A

Problems occurring due to the deficiency of Vitamin A could be controlled by the intake of proper amount of Vitamin A. The dose of Vitamin A is available in all primary health centers free of cost. People should take the advantage of this facility and save their child from facing eye diseases from childhood. 

Precautions for deficiency of Vitamin A.
Vitamin A is found in large quantity in green leafy vegetables like chalaui, gram, methi, bathua, spinach, palak, gazar, pumpkin and fruits like mango and papaya. Egg, meat, fish milk, curd and paneer is also rich in Vitamin A but saturated fat, cholesterol is also found in these food products. It is necessary to give five doses of Vitamin A at te gap of six –six months to the child which he/she is of nine months. Intake of excess amount of Vitamin A is also harmful for the body and eyes.

Vitamin A should be given in proper quantity in our body, and it should be kept in mind that there should be gap of six- six months between the two doses of Vitamin A, excess amount of vitamin A results in vomiting and sometimes brain is also affected.

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