Our efforts can make the blind people’s world colourful


60 lakhs people waiting for eye donation

Every 5 seconds someone goes blind  | 50 per cent of children who become blind die within two years  |  90 per cent of children who are blind don’t go to school

Our world is so beautiful, the mountains surrounded by greeneries, flowing river water gives a great pleasure to us. The beauty of the things around us fills the colour of joy and happiness in our life. All these beauty of life could be observed through eyes. Would you have ever thought that how the world will look without eyes. To observe this practically, just cover your eyes for two minutes, you will feel darkness throughout the world and the beauty of world will be useless for you. But there are such people in large number throughout the world, having only darkness in their lives; we name them as blind people. Among these blind people, there are such 50 lakh people, whose live could be enlightened only by the cornea through eye donation. However, it is not very hard to get cornea through eye donation, the only thing required is to make efforts to develop awareness among people in this direction.

As per the data, a persons becomes blind in every five second in this world, whereas 89 percent of children suffer from blindness below the age of five. Ninety percent of children are deprived of going school only because of blindness. Understanding the importance of eyes in our life we all make efforts to protect eyes, but there are few people who think about other person’s eyes. It’s a true fact that our eyes enlighten our world through the life and after the death it can enlighten the world of other people. But when we talk about the eye donation, most people steps back due to superstitions, they believe that if they will donate eye in this life, they would be born blind in next birth. In reality eye donation is the best and biggest virtue, the biggest reward of this spiritual act that after your death also your eye will remain alive.

Seeing the significance of eye donation, “Eye donation fortnight is organized every year from August 25 to September 08. Each and every person can create awareness among people by taking oath for eye donation. Your this single act can make one’s life coulourful .

Every religion teaches us the values of donation, kindness and humanity. If we are able to help any person through donating our lives after death, in this way we are following our religion in best way. There is no greed of selfishness behind donating our eyes, that’s why it is being considered as the best holy act of the person.

Light rays enters the eyes through cornea and passing through lens, it is focused on retina. Tears remain present as a thin membrane on the surface of cornea and provides the nutrients to it. Very thin nerves on cornea makes the eye very sensitive organ of the body.

Generally, the cornea gets harm externally by the use of computers, pollution and other reasons and internally through various types of allergy. Infection in cornea results in Ulcer. At the time of cataract, or during operation the internal cells gets damaged and person finds difficulties in vision. Due to lack of tears in eyes, the cornea losses its natural brightness and transparency, so observing any problem in eyesight the person should immediately consult doctor.

It is very necessary to know about the structure of eye and eye donation procedure to develop awareness among people. Generally White part of the eye that we can see is known as sclera, which is filled with a clear watery fluid. The thin transparent tissue that covers the front part of eye and is black in colour is called cornea. The cornea protects the inner delicate structures of the eye and helps in refraction of light. Sometimes cornea gets injured and upper layer gets torn and person loose vision. Around 50 lakhs people in our country are suffering from this disease, eyes of these 50 lakh people can be cured by arranging the cornea of any dead person. But the doctor can’t take out the cornea of the dead person without taking the approval from family members.

Eye banks are situated throughout the country. There is wrong myth among the people that the entire eye of dead person is taken out at the time of eye donation, but the truth is that only cornea is taken during the eye donation. The cornea should be taken out from the eye of the dead person within six hours of the death, so please don’t delay in informing eye bank. The eyes would be covered with wet cotton till the doctor arrives, in this way you can keep the cornea protected. Soon after getting the information the doctors or other trained technicians from eye bank comes eye donater’s house and take samples of blood and cornea, this process doesn’t affects the face of the eye, which is free of cost.

After reaching the eye, cornea of eye is examined and later on sent to surgeon for eye transplantation. After the successful eye transplantation, a blind person is able to see this colourful world. By the donation of one single person, the two cornea can enlighten the world the two blind persons. Only the white part of the eye or cornea is taken in eye donation and transplanted in blind person’s eye.

You can also play an important role in making the blind person’s world colourful, donate the eyes of your loved persons after the death. Person of any caste, creed or religion can donate their eyes, but its important to inform our family members before hand, so that family members could inform the eye bank timely after your death.

Diseases of cornea

  • Because of the physical diseases like rheumatism dry eye, allergy, paralysis etc.
  • Infection: Ulcer ( through bacteria, fungus or virus)
  • Whiteness due to inquiry: injury because of pointed thing, acid or chemical like lime.
  • After operation: due to complication after the cataract or other operation.
  • Physical deformities: Carotokonus
  • Others: due to affect of medicines or by birth etc.

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