LETS VISIT DISNEY – AAO CHALO DISNEY – Short Film to Promote Eye Donation

Director: Deepanjan Paul
Duration: 4:45 mn.
Year of Production: 2015
Place of Production: India

A tele caller calls Pinky. Pinky’s number was one of the lucky numbers which got picked up for the Let’s Visit Disney Contest. Pinky manages to answer all the question correctly. The tele caller says that Pinky has to answer one more question to break the tie. She fails to answer it . Pinky’s mother comes home and sees that she is crying. Pinky says that she lost it due to her blindness. Mother gives her the good news of getting a donor. She gets the eye. We appeal to the audience to donate eyes and do justice to natural Injustice.

5 Million people are waiting for Eye Donation.

5 Million people, whose live could be enlightened only by the cornea through eye donation. However, it is not very hard to get cornea through eye donation, the only thing required is to make efforts to develop awareness among people in this direction.

Learn more about Eye Donation

Drishti Eye Donation Logo

Drishti Creative Contest (http://drishti.org.in)

Every year antardrishti under the name “Drishti”, organise creative contest to promote eye donation in four category (Short Films, Posters, Design, and Audio Jingles).

Antardrishti Logo

Antardrishti (http://antardrishti.org)

Antardrishti – a social development organisation is committed to the cause of blind people in our society. Towards this we had made a humble beginning in 2006. It is registered as a Public Charitable Trust under Indian Trust Act, 1882. In our country, after the so long time after Independence still people are suffering from blindness due to lack of proper information and treatment. In similar way the person who becomes blind or losses his eyesight is not able to connect himself with the main stream of society due to lack of proper information and encouragement. Antardrishti stand with #Eye Care, #Eye Donation and Empowerment of #Visually Impaired.

Need of the hour is to raise awareness level of the society towards eye care, eye donation and empowerment of blind people.

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