My child is just 3 months old.. her eye constantly waters and occasionally there is some discharge. Should I be worried? No ratings yet.

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Yes and No. You should be concerned enough to take the child to your eye doctor. After examination, he will tell you in most cases that the eye is absolutely normal. However, the pipes which take the waste matter from our eyes including our tears and deposit this at the back of the nose from where they pass down the throat are blocked or have not canalised since birth. In the womb, these pipes are solid rod like structures and turn into ‘pipes’ or develop a lumen shortly before birth. Sometimes this process is delayed and can happen a few months after birth. So he will reassure you. While waiting for nature to take its course, he will recommend “massage” over the area between the eye and nose, so as to loosen the plugs of cells still in the lumen of the pipes (called nasolacrimal passages-NLP)). He may recommend simple antibiotic drops whenever there is discharge.

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