Legally blind mom sees newborn son for first time |

A woman legally blind for most of her life got to see for the first time, and it was an extra special sight. With the help of some special glasses, Kathy Beitz got to see her son shortly after giving birth.

Since the age of 11, she has suffered from macular degeneration, which causes a blind spot at the center of her vision. eSight’s fundraising program made it possible for her to get her own pair of the glasses since they are not covered by insurance. They would otherwise cost about $15,000.

Beitz of course was happy to see a baby for the first time — let alone her own. She said, “For the first baby that I get to actually look at being my own is very overwhelming, and even to look at my husband looking at him was just such a good feeling. I got to fall in love with him.”

Only about 140 people in the United States have a pair of these eSight glasses. Beitz says they have made things much easier as she cares for her infant.


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