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Madras Eye is an inflammation of the outermost layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids called conjunctiva. It is most commonly due to viral infection and is contagious.

Dr Arun Samprathi has been seeing over 10-15 cases over the past two weeks. The ophthalmologist says the infection is across all age groups. “It’s a myth that it spreads if an infected person looks at another person. It spreads only when the materials touched by the infected person are used by others. Like hand key, towel, soap, door knobs, TV remote control, laptop, keyboard and others. The infected person should not

Dr Murali Kaushik, head of the department of pediatric ophthalmology, Sankara Eye Hospital, says the hospital has seen over 87 cases in the past five days. “It’s a viral outbreak. Surprisingly, we have seen entire families come for treatment. Many people being affected at the same time is strange. But so far we have not seen any case where the cornea has been damaged,” says Dr Kaushik. He advises patients to stay away from crowds and work to minimize

, vice-chairman of Narayana Netralaya, the cases are rapidly increasing. “I had recently gone to a conference of opthalmologists in Madras (Chennai). Each specialist there was talking about the fast spread of the infection. Like its name, Madras is also affected. The sudden spurt could be due to cyclonic weather changes or environmental factors. We have seen 15-40 cases a day,” says Dr Shetty. Those affected must rest at home and self-medication is a no-no, he adds.

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