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7th to 9th November, 2014

Taj Mahal Visit – lifetime story ….

By Peeyush Bardia / Jaipur // Rajasthan

Actually, that was only my interpretations but when we reach at that point I was astonished with pleasure of all our mates & people around us. Everyone asking volunteers to click their pictures in their own mobiles. All are crazy to get best poses & asking to get finest view for them. Than I also sat on love bench & got the chance to clicked in my own mobile by Adverd. There I realise & asked my self, am I a prejudice mentality man? Is it my habit to put if & but in all happenings. All are visually impaired but all are enjoying this & I am analysing it.

We were moving towards the Taj & I was listening endless smiles & joy among all visitors. I could listen many voices & can assume that visitors gathering is increasing minute by minute. Than we entered towards main tomb & there we offered to wear shoe covers. It was a well idea for all but we chosen to visit without shoes to enjoy the feeling of Taj. Adverd was taking care of our moves & giving us directions to walk safely. Than we reached at a point where he figure out a board to read. It was a board where history of Taj Written in Braille. It was a pleasant moment for all of us that administration has a good sense of responsibility to understand the need of Blind people. Perhaps I don?t understand Braille language but still I was very happy to see this gesture. Our mates read all history detail on the board & I was making my mind to decide to learn Braille.

Edverd took us to near the tomb via wooden stairs, & also pointed out way of actual graves of Shahjahan & Noor Jahan which was prohibited to go. We all were listening & touching & feeling the creativity of that Golden era of Indian architecture. We must say Love can make you to do unexpected, beyond imaginations or to say Impossible. We got to know so many more things from Edward & our own MasterJi Lalit Ji.

We went to back side of Taj and listen, smell, feel & perceive presence of Yamuna. From Yamuna bank we proceed to near the pillar of Taj. Their construction was also a precious piece of the creativity. My imaginations of Taj which I have seen in photographs was very little in front of it’s appearance. We all wants to spend some more time their but that can’t be possible, I assume.

I would like to say that this beautiful mausoleum built by Shahjahan is the Identity of India in World. This visit of all visually impaired proved that beauty only can not be seen by eyes, it can be seen by touching, feelings, emotions, volition, enthusiasm, curiosity, perceptions & incisive tranquility. This trip started with so much thought but ended as overpowering, inspirational, pleasant & unbelievably peaceful.

I would like to congratulate Akhil Ji & Antardrishti once again for these special arrangements of Taj visit. It is indeed a privilege & honour for me to say on behalf of Chetan Ji & Lalit Ji also that only a single word of thanks can’t express our emotions. We wish you best of the best in journey forward.

Health To You,

Peeyush Bardia / Jaipur // Rajasthan

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