Blind Stars Group – Agra Convention 2014



Blind Stars Beyond Facebook Bridging The Gap

7th to 9th November, 2014

Blind Stars Group

The Blind Stars group was initially launched on October 25 2012 as Facebook group to serve as meeting place of blind people from across the world. This group has grown exponentially in the short span of less than two years; its membership stands over 4000 till August 2014. 21 members admin team looking after its activities. Blind Star is proud to have members from neighboring Pakistan to African country Kenya. It provides a mutual platform to both (blind and sighted) people to interact, mingle, exchange information and knowledge to build an enlightened society. In the years to come, Blind Stars has a vision to make an inroads in the rural and semi-urban India where blind people in the absence of quality education and lack of employment opportunities languishing in abject poverty.

Blind Stars aims to have visually challenged individuals on-board; however, the stars with sight can also complete the galaxy by joining hands to make inclusive blind star family.

The vision behind forming this group is to offer an amicable forum for all the stakeholders to come over a common platform to encourage mutual learning, sharing optimistic idea’s, challenging achievements and the things which can motivate others.

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