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Colour Blindness Test – (Plates 18 – 24) : Eye care professionals use a variety of tests to diagnose colour blindness. These tests can quickly diagnose specific types of colour blindness. Colour blindness, or colour vision deficiency, is the inability or decreased ability to see colour, or perceive colour differences, under normal lighting conditions. Colour blindness affects a significant percentage of the population. There is no actual blindness but there is a deficiency of colour vision.

The Ishihara Colour Blindness Test

The Ishihara Colour Blindness Test is the most common test for red-green colour blindness. The test consists of a series of colored circles, called Ishihara plates, each of which contains a collection of dots in different colors and sizes. Within the circle are dots that form a shape clearly visible to those with normal colour vision, but invisible or difficult to see for those with red-green colour blindness.


Plates 18 – 24 contain one or two wiggly lines. To pass each test you must identify or correctly trace the wiggly lines.

  • Sit approximately 75cm from your monitor, with each circle set at eye level.
  • Preferably have mild natural light and no glare on your screen. Interior lights and glare can alter the colour of the pictures.
  • Attempt to identify the hidden number or line within 5 seconds.
  • You can also see the answer, which will be revealed along with an analysis explaining your condition if you got it wrong.
  • Continue to the next Ishihara test, Complete them all to help gauge your colour blindness severity.
  • Share the test with your friends!


  • Plates are control tests – people with normal vision and all forms of colour blindness should be able to distinguish these.
  • This test cannot guarantee complete accuracy. Your monitor and quality loss of online images may affect the original colours used. Should these tests suggest that you may be colour blind, you should seek professional confirmation.

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