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Writing from the wedding reception of blind couples

In the last one-month, I attended wedding ceremony of three of my former school classmates in Delhi. All three have married to blind girls,and these lovebirds chose to tread life’s journey together despite numerous practical challenges. Salute to them! The atmosphere at the wedding venue was truly memorable. Most of the guests who were also blind were wearing very attractive attire. The fragrance of multiple perfumes pierced the nostrils. Adult blind Girls and boys rolled on the floor on Hunny Singh’s wrap music and some of them made new friends while dancing. Note: (It is a wrong notion rampant in the society that blind people know nothing about moving their feet). They danced in their unique manner and exuberance was very much palpable. Starters and the main course reached smoothly to everyone. Partially-blind guests were very upbeat in helping totally-blind guests in finding washroom and wash-basin in the unknown interiors. Some of the sighted guests I met were startled to witness this reality which seemed to them as was performed from the other unknown planet. Hugging and cuddling went on for hours. And the uniqueness whith which blind people embrace their love ones was the real treat for sighted people. They found it very intimate and durable. I’m also glad to realize many of my childhood schoolmates have bought their cars however their tone and tanner remain the same as we cherished in the school. This is the best I love about the Blind relief Association which nurtured us. I once again wish these 3 couples a very happy and wholesome post-marriage journey. Lets see who is next on the list?

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