10 Incredible Stories About Blind People

On the planet in 2013. These are the people who wake up every day and stare down life without the help of their eyes. Truthfully, anyone who lives with this disability has an amazing story to tell, but some have achieved incredible things or had incredible things thrust upon them.

By its nature, film is a visual medium. You would think an art form intended primarily for the eyes wouldn’t interest a blind person, but you would be wrong. Not only does Tommy Edison watch movies, he reviews them on YouTube. Even though he was

born without vision, Edison has always loved film, and when he started posting reviews three years ago, his videos attracted thousands of viewers. Even Roger Ebert

, but he approaches movies differently from most film fans. “I’m not distracted by all the beautiful shots and attractive people,” he

once said. “I watch a movie for the writing and acting.” Since he only judges what he can hear, Edison doesn’t care for CGI-heavy action blockbusters. On the other hand, he’s a big fan of

his second channel, where he answers interesting questions from his viewers, such as how a blind person learns to smile, whether blind people can understand descriptions of color, and whether Edison would want to see if he was granted the ability. Simple yet profound, Edison’s personal vlogs give an amazing insight into the world of the blind.

Craig Lundberg was a 24-year-old lance corporal serving in Basra, Iraq when his life changed forever. In 2007, the young soldier found himself on the wrong end of an RPG, receiving serious wounds to his head, face, and arms. Even worse, the attack left him completely blind. Doctors were forced to remove his left eye, leaving him with a right eyeball that was totally useless. Suddenly, Lance Corporal Lundberg was lost in the dark.

sci-fi technology called the BrainPort. After donning a pair of sunglasses equipped with a video camera, images from the camera were converted into electrical pulses and sent to the “lollipop,” a device sitting on Lundberg’s tongue. Scientists

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