Why the blinds girls are forced to face the fear of society

pg08Most of the blind girls due to social pressure and fear remain at home, unaware of what is going on around the world over and thus, lose their own recognition. Its difficult to bring such girls out of their fear. When they would realize that they are human and when they will be independent. When the parents get old then it becomes very hard for such girls, but till that time, its too late. The parents of these girls should not lend their fear upon them, as they think that how they will go out without being able to see the things. Many a times it is seen that only one girl out of the whole village gets educated, as the parents sent her to school.

Talk with Shalini Khanna, Director, National Association for the Blind (Women), New Delhi by Divya Sahu

How can the blind girls could be made self-dependent?

Lots of the girls were normal and were able to see till the age of 16 – 17 but now they are blind. The family members kept them in their home and gradually they lost their self confidence. The parents don’t believe that they could walk on road alone or they could do the household chores without any difficulty. It’s a challenge to teach these girls to complete such activities without being assisted by anyone. First of all they are taught to complete the household chores and how to walk alone on road. They are trained mentally prepared for all these activities and it takes a long time.
Even the modern education should be given to such women and girls. Training which can given them employment also. Computer, Research Training should be given to those girls and women. Those who are totally illiterate should be trained in handicraft work. Recently the training on massage – spa also started as its on high demand.

Blind girls are also part of the society, what is necessary to be done for these girls?

First of all keep faith on these blind girls and let them do they daily routine work without any support. If by accident if anyone gets blind or are blind by birth then the society should keep special attention on them, specially the girls. Firstly the myth that if you are not able to see then you can’t do anything should be kept away. I believe that after proper training these blind girls can be more effective in their working and many a times it is seen that only one girl in entire village gets education, as she is sent to school, but when she returns back to home, she becomes dependent on others, because of the family mentality. It is seen that normally a mentally retarded boys are married to blind girls. These girls are not allowed to do anything and even for food they have to wait that someone would come and feed them.

What is the condition of girls in Indian scenario?

I don’t see any difference between a blind or a normal girl. If the girls are given chance to get educated they are 120 % better than boys and gives better result. Actually these girls had already faced such trauma in life that if they get even a single chance they try to encash that chance to their fullest power. We have arranged many blind girls to work in big factories and they are working their successfully grabbing other’s attention. Girls from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar’s rural areas also approached and got graduate through open schooling and later completed their B Ed and are now teachers
The girls are made like bondage at home, what efforts could be done for their safety?
We all are having the same problem, that how to give safe atmosphere for the girls. We have trained the blind girls with martial art training, so that they could defend themselves. We have taught them where to call during emergency. The travel on metro is safe, but there is still problem while in buses.

What and how much the family support for making these girls self dependent?

Firstly the government should give all of them good education as there are many a schools where there is no such facilities available. At least the government should give basic education including English, as it very important for jobs.
Many entrepreneurs are also afraid to employ blind girls, thinking how can do the given task. Why the fear of others is enforced upon these girls? Till what time these girls would be made dependent upon others, When they will become self dependent. Their self dependency is more important because till the parents are young its no problem, but when the parents gets old – it is then it becomes hard for such girls.

Divya Sahu

I am working with Asian News International (ANI) as a correspondent. Apart from ANI work I am also involved in various issue based social development activities with non-profit organisations.

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