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Break free, emerge from the cocoon..!

In our day to day life as persons with sight or visual impairment, we face ‘N’ number of accessibility issues. Each individual tries to find various options to ease those challenges. In this article we will focus on challenges for the person with visual impairment and there correspondence solutions. Break free, emerge from the cocoon..!

In simple terminology to define accessibility is, “I’m stuck! what can ease my life?”
Accessibility is nothing but solutions for various challenges faced at any point in life.

Visual impairment varies from person to person, from no sight to partial. The person with visual impairment has new challenges to face every step of the way. Major challenges to be discussed are mobility, education, keeping up happenings around/NEWS, for girls/women to manage their home efficiently, etc..

Now persons with visual impairment can live there life to the fullest. Puzzled or Surprised? Don’t be! lots of information is hidden for you in this article!!! Yes, a person with little or no sight can live dignified lives; Moving independently to managing homes perfectly, from government. Jobs to Multinational companies..
Let’s begin with mobility. The best options to date is to train using white cane’s, GPS system using Google/Nokia maps on devices to check correct ways/routes. Apart from these 2 handy tools, various types of sensory canes and glasses are available.

Break free, emerge from the cocoon..! With the help of ‘screen reader’ one can access internet- the endless source of information and entertainment, work in Government sector/corporate houses in various roles with different profiles, education, manage bank account, use ATM cards, hang out’s with family and friends, mobile phones can be accessed independently. ….

Let’s move to the next challenge, keeping touch with happenings around. How will one come to know about happenings in the world around you? NEWS papers! the best source of information. Yes! a person without sight can also read NEWS papers. The only the difference is NEWS papers and E-NEWS papers!
To discuss accessing E-NEWS papers, let’s understand access to technology with visual impairment. Technology has opened thousand’s ways to be independent in life, To be recognized as “differently abled!” people.

“Screen readers” for computers and mobile phones ease life to a great extent.

A Sccreen reader is software that converts text on the screen to speech. Audio output of the content is clear to understand and can be adjusted according to the need.

There are several courses run by NGO’s to train girls /women’s on home management. This includes making little changes in the kitchen by using different shapes sizes and colors for containers etc.. To work efficiently. To use assistive technology, we have devices like labeling devices and color recognizer.

Break free, emerge from the cocoon…

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