15 October 2013

Normally when-ever we see any person carrying white stick in his/her hand, we never bother about them, whereas this same stick helps a blind person walk freely. It becomes important for us that when-ever we see any person walking with a white stick in his/her hand we should keep caution to help that person walk freely.

To make these people join the main stream its important that we should give them the atmosphere in which they are not just save and get equal right like a normal person but should also get free mobility. Blind person with other problems faces one biggest problem of free mobility. White stick/cane helps them with free mobility. From several decades this white cane is just treated as helping the blind person but in the 20th century it is known to be symbol of blind person and makes the blind person felt among normal person.

The president of World Blind Association declared Oct 15 as the World White Cane day way back in Oct 15 1970. White cane plays an important role in the blind person’s life. It not only helps them move freely but also symbolizes a blind among the normal people and its now better known as the symbol of a blind person.

The main objective of this day is to bring awareness among people about the blind people and motivate a normal person to be more careful whenever they see any person with white can in his/her hand while they walking on road.