As i feel… AGRA CONVENTION 2014



Blind Stars Beyond Facebook Bridging The Gap

7th to 9th November, 2014

As i feel… AGRA CONVENTION 2014

By Peeyush Bardia / Jaipur // Rajasthan

2nd day eventually was the day when we got to meet many distinguish persons. We listen Mrs. Preeti Monga & her speech on disabled women problems & their solutions was tremendous. She shared her experiences with life with blindness which inspired me a lot. After that we got to listen some couples about their marriage & relationships. I was moved with their bonding while facing day to day situations.

I listen Kapil Mittal & wish to talk him later. After lunch we got to listen most interesting & experienced MS. Shalini Khanna on Women issues. Her devotion for empowerment of visually impaired women is matchless indeed. Her speech was showing her experiences & dedication towards them.

Next session was headed by MS Veena Mehta & MS Neha Agarwal With Avinash Shahi. This session was very informative as well as very inspiring also. They all are setting up examples for all in life. I had got chances to meet Neha previously & I feel blessed whenever I remember my conversations with her & her suggestion to move on. After that we went back to hotel & had dinner with live musical band (orchestras).

Next day we visited to Agra & that was the most thrilling part of my journey. As I mentioned, I lost my eyes sight before few years only & I got to see Taj-Mahal in photos thousands of time. But I visited Agra first time to see Taj without eyes. I thought I know Taj well as I have seen photos many times but that visit is a lifetime story for me. I will share it with another mail.

Well, Akhil Ji, I would like to appreciate your wonderful leadership & administrative skills while organising such a huge convention with so many blind participants. I would like to congratulate You & wish you all the best for your all future endeavours & will be pleased to serve you in future in any other events.

Thank You very much..

Peeyush Bardia / Jaipur // Rajasthan

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