Author Dr. Quresh B. Maskati


Dr. Quresh B. Maskati, President (2014-2015) at All India Ophthalmological Society Gold medallist in DOMS. Passed MS (ophth) in 1983 at 1st attempt. Super specialised in diseases of cornea and anterior segment in Rochester and Boston, USA. Is the only ophthalmologist in the world with extensive experience in both the Pintucci and the Boston Keratoprosthesis. Specialties Squint, paediatric ophthalmology, cornea and ocular surface disorders, keratoprosthesis surgery and research, oculoplasty and LASIK

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Corneal Transplant – Part – I 5/5 (1)

Q. What is the ‘CORNEA’? A. This is a clear piece of tissue that fits like a watch crystal (outer…

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