Safe Holi – How to save yours eyes from colours

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Holi means colour of festival celebrated with great enthusiasm, people of every age group celebrate this festival. People play with colours happily, they put or apply colours abeer upon each other and sometimes they do so forcefully, accidentally these colours go inside the eye’s which is very harmful, a small carelessness can result into blindness.

Safe Holi – How to save yours eyes from colours

It is very important to be alert and take precautions to main happiness in celebrating this festival of colours. Along with this it is very necessary to know about the ways how these colours harm eyes and what –what problems can be faced, so let’s throw light upon this issue. 

Problems raised due to holi colours

If these colours go inside the eyes, the affected person feels irritation, eyes become red and burning is natural. Because the Melasight, a substance which is very harmful for eyes is used in holi colours in large quantity, this forms irritation and allergy in eyes. Most of the times we are not aware of this face and unknowingly we use such types of colours in which glass or some chemical substance are being mixed to increase the brightness of colours. If such colours go inside the eyes it may result in blindness. A small pleasure of few seconds can bring complete darkness in one’s life.    

How to protect your eyes while playing Holi.

  • Use of spectacles – wear spectacles while playing colours so that colours should not enter inside eyes.
  • Do not use contact lens while playing colours even on the second day avoid it, because the colours can damage lens.
  • Use of dry colours- use of dry herbal colours can keep your eyes safe, or accidently if colours enters your eyes rinse your eyes with clean and cold water. It is very hard to remove the liquid and dark colours.
  • Use of clean water- As soon as u feel that some harmful colours had gone inside your eyes immediately rinse yours eyes fresh and clean water and even then the problem remains consult eye specialist
  • Avoid apply of colour around eyes- if your want to protect your eyes with holi colours then try to avoid  apply of colours around eyes and don’t let anyone to apply colours around eyes.
  • Consult doctor- if you are feeling irritation along with pain in your eyes, consult eye specialists as early as possible to save yourself from any dangerous result.    

What should not be done in Holi

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