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Confidence and Knowledge: Through this article, I want to emphasize on the point that if you possess knowledge and good confidence, you need not to worry about what other people say or talk about you. No matter if you are visually challenged physically challenged or belongs to any other marginalized category. Make yourself so involved in your process of self improvement that there remains no room for what people comment about you. Moreover, keep your ears open to the good suggestions which may come your way and give a deaf ear to all the downbeat views of others. In the times of trouble and difficulties, it is your knowledge that will make your path smoother. Well, here I am going to share one of my recent experiences related to this similar context. Before I tell you anything about my experience, let me make it very clear to you that I am a visually challenged person with 80% vision impairment (Low vision).

Let Your Confidence and Knowledge Pave Your Path

Lately I was out of my city to another city for around one month. There, every day, I used to go to an institute for some work. Initially, for some days, my brother assisted me to that institute area. The same thing continued for two or three days. Then my brother told me: “Now onwards, I would drop you on the street.” I seconded his views. The place was on second story. The surroundings of that area were busy and it was kind of hub of different institutions.

Then the day came when he dropped me on the main road. From there the distance to that institute was around 5 minutes on foot. So far, I was quite familiar to the path I was to follow to reach that institute. To make it easy for myself, I counted all the turns and the huge pillars on the way to reach the point of that final turn which lead to a narrow lane of staircase for going to that particular institute which was located on second story. Actually, in that particular row of market and institutes, there were many turns leading to different narrow lanes of staircases leading to different offices or institutes. Anyhow, I reached to the point of staircase. The second thing to remember was the number of stairs. I slowly but confidently took the stairs but I avoided taking the lift. Everything was fine and I reached the destination, ‘the institute’. By this time, the locale of that path and area was mapped in my mind.

I followed the same strategy to reach my destination every consequent day. But here I would mention that there is a hairline difference between confidence and overconfidence. One day, on my way, I was quite over confident that I know exactly where I am going and I diverted my mind from location to different thoughts. Just then, while climbing stairs, I slipped and fell down. Yeah, of course, there were some girls standing there at a distance, waiting for the lift. But I didn’t wait for anyone and stood up. It was a narrow escape. Got a little bruise on my knee but otherwise I was perfectly alright. I climbed the rest of the stairs. At that time I realized that I fell down because I got overconfident for some time. Anyways, it also taught me to remain alert no matter how confident you are. In broad sense, we must not forget that falling and getting up back is something that keeps us going.

Another thing that usually makes everyone nervous is meeting new people and expressing oneself to them. It was my first day and every single person therein was a new person to me. Of course, I was nervous but I didn’t allow it to surpass my control.

I went into the cabin and eloquently greeted: “Good Afternoon!” I was not aware how many people were in the room or where were they sitting or standing. Soon, a lady there greeted me back and told me to sit down. On that day, everyone gave introduction. I too gave my introduction. Everything was going great and my confidence was supporting me like anything. However, deep in my mind, I was very well aware that I cannot see their faces and that their movements seem blur to me. Soon, when it came to knowledge and confidence, I observed that I carried more of it than what other people present there possessed. This thing was apparent through their way of talking and answering things. Some of them even seconded my views on various topics and discussions. But still one thing which I had to work on was judging their nods and hand movements which people these days prefer to do than speaking a loud and clear. It would be worth knowing here that except one person, not even a single person present there knew that I am low vision. My way of talking and facial expressions hardly gives any hint that I am a visually challenged person. Moreover, my smart spectacles cover my eyes and so, it’s hard to identify my vision impairment. However, I was firm enough that I would not answer or say anything until the next person speaks anything. I will completely avoid such nods and hand movements.

In this way, I had a good experience in new atmosphere and amidst new people. And the full credit goes to the confidence I carried and the knowledge which I shared. Yes, at times, I observed that some of the youngsters present there were murmuring something about me but I didn’t pay much attention to it. May be it was so because my ways of greeting, observing and talking differ from other people but this is who I am and I cannot feel low just because I do things differently.

So friends, my motive behind this article is to tell you that let your confidence and knowledge pave your way. Don’t belittle yourself because of the views of other people. Everyone has a set of behavior and strategies which he carries. Don’t be afraid to be different. Accept yourself, know your weaknesses and be proud of how you deal with things to make the atmosphere more accessible for yourself.

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