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5 Million people are waiting for eye donation
Keep your love in the soul…
Donate Eyes

All about Eye Donation (Short Film, Posters, Audio Jingles)

Every 5 seconds someone goes blind
50 percent of children who become blind die within two years
90 percent of children who are blind don’t go to school

Our efforts can make the blind people’s world colourful
Eye Donation – F.A.Q.
Keep your love in the soul, Donate Eyes
if we want to give eye sight to one lakh people we will require nearly 2 lakh cornea
नेत्रदान के इंतजार में हैं पचास लाख लोग
यदि एक लाख नेत्रहीनों में ट्रांसप्‍लांट करने है तो कम से कम दो लाख कॉर्निया का दान करवाना होगा
 List of selected Eye Bank in India

Drishti 2016 – Short Film Contest to promote Eye Donation

Cast your vote and help us to chose the best entry for Drishti 2016 – Creative Contest; promote / Support Eye Donation campaign.

Voting Dates: 15 October, 2016 – 28 October 2016


Drishti 2016

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Total votes for the Contest "Drishti 2016 Short Film Contest" : 7029

One Moment please


A family is shown engrossed in watching television. Suddenly, power is cut and there is darkness everywhere. The power usually gets restored after sometime but we complain about it. We are not able to bear the darkness even for

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Life is so beautiful. There are nearly an infinite number of colors. All the things on earth have a color whether its sky, birds, animals, trees, or a simple table. We all are more naturally drawn to some colors more

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Story of a blind girl with wonderful artistic skill. Her exploration of world through other senses. The little girl lacks colures of world. The film ends hoping on the possibilities of eye donation.


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This film shows the spirit of blind children and their optimistic approach towards their life. How they live their life without any complaints and travel the tough part. They are happy the way they are and strong will power, but

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NAYAN itself reveals its meaning, In this short film we did try to explore very extremely important areas of our modern civiliZation “Donation” and we tried to convey this that simple incidents can also change person’s outlook.

We have to

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The Movie “Crayons” is based on creating awareness among people on Eye Donation. this message is given in a very beautiful and simple manner involving tow children who have come to play in a park in their house surrounding. When

300 Votes

Ek Ummid Roshani Ki   is a short film of duration  4.55 minutes to promote eye donation. This film is basically  reflect the difficulties of the blind life and appeal to the people to donate their eyes after death.  This film

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Short film to promote Eye Donation.


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A blind girl lives alone with her father at a cottage in a lonely area. She has no
siblings and her mother is dead. After her father leaves for office one day, two young eve-teasers sneak
into the courtyard of

1920 Votes