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More than 10 crores diabetes patients by 2030

As per the medical research surveys, more than seven crores diabetes patients are in india, among which half ratio is of women. There is a possibility of these number to be increased by ten crores by year 2030. Presently , diabetes is being considered as the disease of high society people, these disease silently trap them because of their modern way of living. Mental tension, fat, irregular eating habits especially consuming junk food and lack of exercise is the main cause of this disease. Once a person is caught by diabetes it becomes impossible to get rid of this. But by being alert and taking few precautions the diabetic patient can enjoy life. It can be kept under control by regular and balanced diet, exercise and medicines.
If a diabetic patient becomes careless, it proves dangerous and directly affects eyes and kidney. Increased blood sugar level can make a person completely blind.

Diabetic Retinopathy
Arteries carrying blood starts secreting of person suffering from diabetic retinopathy and swells and develops into brush like lines which harms the retina of eye due to which the supply of oxygen and nutrition stops in retina.

In initial stage persons began to see dull and as the diseases spreads slowly-slowly the vision decreases and results in floater, blind spot and sometimes in complete blindness.
Why this problems are faced
In body of person suffering from diabetes, there is no proper use and storage of sugar and due to which sugar level increases and affects eyes, kidney and heart. This is the reason why the possibility of blindness increases 25 times in diabetic patients as compared to normal persons. Because of low-high blood sugar level and swelling of eye lens , there is frequent change in spectacles.

Eye-checkup in diabetes
Diabetes can be controlled by proper treatment in time. Complete eye checkup once in a year is required, during which checkup is carried in dilate eye. For the detailed checkup flourison angiograph and Coherent Tomography is essential technically. Both surgery and laser technique is used during treatment but laser treatment is better. Research says that about 50 percent blindness can be reduced by laser therapy at the initial stage of retinopathy.
A person sees dull in white cataract and sometimes it proves so dangerous that patient becomes completely blind. Most dangerous things is that if the vision of diabetic patient is lost once it becomes impossible to regain again.

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