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The PM Modi’s Varanasi speech is devoid of substance

Will the PM Modi show political will to walk the talk?… While listening to the Modi’s Varanasi speech, it seems that Our Prime Minister is very impressed from the Braille script used by blind people.

Will the PM Modi show political will to walk the talk?

I wonder if this is the case then why Indian government is yet to allow disability organisations to establish Braille magazines with ISSN number to provide platform to blind writers for publishing their work. In America, the National Federation of the Blind publishes Braille Moniter Magazine which has huge readership. I’m also perplexed that Why Indian currency is nott embossed in Braille despite being proposed in the 2014 Budget? Why government circulars issued through Press Information bureau (PIB) not issued in Braille for the blind residents in the villages? The Prime Minister should know that there is a huge literature available in Braille which needs urgent archiving. The Braille provides a platform where The blind people exchange love letters and express their pain and pleasure with ease and independence. Can he establish the disability museum which is long overdue? For the prime Minister, We are ‘divyang’ because we use Braille is utterly fallacious understanding. For his kind information, we do Not only use Braille, we also use screen-reading softwares. We write in the Journals, newspapers and the magazines like non-disabled people. Does Prime Minister know this? If yes, can he direct the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment to provide laptops to the needdy ones in the villages to sure up his ‘digital India’ campaign? I’m keenly waiting for the 2016-17 Budget lets wait and hear how much government proposes for the ‘divyang’ to implement ‘accessible India’ campaign. His Varanasi speech given on 22 Jan 2016 is again devoid of substance. No assurance for providing long pending jobs despite the Apex Court judgment to the ‘divyang’ in the time-bound manner. no explanation over the delay in the appointment of the Chief Commissioner of Persons with Disabilities whose post is lying vacant for more than an year. It should be known to the Prime Minister that the Office of the CCPD is the Apex Court under section 57 of the Persons with Disabilities Act 1995 which safeguards the rights of the disabled against discrimination by the publick institutions. Our Prime Minister is certainly not well-guided about disability issues. The minions who brief PM about us need to shun arrogance and act in the interest of disabled people. Before it is too late, it has become imperative for the government to provision separate ministry of disability affairs working for the persons with disabilities. Will the PM Modi show political will to walk the talk?

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