Blindness / Photography – Katrina Kaif / Bhavesh Patel – Part II


What was the experience which shooting Katrina Kaif’s add film?

I feel proud more than me for representing the entire blind community. I am going to become a part of such project which is organized for the first time in the world. Till date no such commercial add has been snapped by a blind person. Usually it’s a person with proper eye sight doing the job, who basically think that the blind people are only meant to be given alms and don’t want to give blind person a chance. While doing the photography of the Katrina Kaif ’s add I took enormous care that it comes to the knowledge of the world that even the blind can do commercial photography and moreover she liked it. However, there was not conversation with her other than the photoshoot. Even the team from Lux was there doing the photoshoot, but she choose my photography.

How did you get the chance to work for Lux commercial add?

Parthav sir told me that someone has come from Germany and wanted to start this project and I immediately responded. Photography is not my profession but its my passion.

What are the problems you face while photography session?

The biggest problem is that is no camera available in the market with talking facility. In such condition I have to ask about the object from someone over there. As an option I have got Apple Phone which has a facility of VoiceOver software. With its voice I come to know whether the focus is clear or not. Even the face detection and darkness is also convened to me through the software. After taking the snap the mobile itself suggests me how the picture is and about its quality. Whereas in high quality camera there is no such facility available and thus has to take help from any person.

How do you come to know about the picture quality?

For that I have to take help from other people to tell me about the picture.

Whether your pictures has been exhibited?

Yes, surely exhibition was there during the Kalagora Festival and Delhi.

What was the support of family members towards photography?

My father’s name is Vijal and mothers name is Kesar and we are three brothers. Elder brother Hari Patel is a businessman and the younger one Sunil Patel is also a photographer. With the help of Sunil I completed my special school education. Normally I complete my photography session during special occasions like Ganesh Utsav, picnic or any other such occasions.

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